About Me

Hi, my name is Aaron and I'm currently a 3rd year Computer Science student at UC San Diego, with a minor in Design. Here's what I'm currently up to!

In the summer of 2018, I was fascinated by breathtaking parallax effects and tried my hand at building them on my own portfolio website. Sure enough, it was difficult but I was curious to learn more and found myself diving into the realms of software development.

Since then, my focus has shifted to HCI and web development - particularly using empathy and human-centered thinking to build impactful applications. I am currently interning at UCSD's Design Lab where I'm working on building a PDF Annotator to support novice peer reviewers using Typescript, React, LangChain, and GPT-4 for a research project.

Outside developing, you can find me chugging Poppi prebiotic soda, cooking, bouldering, watching anime, playing piano, and creating 3D models. I am currently in search for my next opportunity so please feel free to connect with me!

Headshot of Aaron Chan