Call BlackLine

Project Type: Non-profit Project (Triton Software Engineering)

Role: Developer

Skills: Flutter, Dart, Firebase

Note: I worked with Figma files provided by the Design team to implement the front end of this mobile application!

Teammates: Arohan Mittal, Assaf Cohen-Arazi, Jennifer Tanurdjaja, Jonathan Lum, Madhav Bansal, Mohak Vaswani, Nishant Balaji, Parth Patel, Shana Chen, Shreya Gupta, Steven Shi, Sydney Zhang, Tiffany Lee, William Jin

Donation Page

This donation page is a stateless widget that has a donate button which when clicked on, opens up a modal and after two seconds, opens up the temporary page Google.

The modal was created using Material Design's Dialog component.

The URL redirect was created using the package URL Launcher.

Seek Help Page Flow

The image buttons were created using the Gesture Detector Widget along with a nested Container with a BoxDecoration of the image.

The Take Action Now login page has stateful widgets to obscure the password field and select the forget password checkbox.

The Create an Account and Call or Text Now pages reuse the components listed above.

Navigation Bar

Please note that these pages are not finalized and the video simply demonstrates the Navigation Bar functionality.

The custom navbar was created using a BottomAppBar widget with Expanded GestureDetectors that have a Stack and Position used to the style the top orange border.

The navigation is managed through MaterialApp's routes and each navigation item has a corresponding Navigator.push when tapped on.