Design Co

Description: Design Co is a pre-professional student organization at UC San Diego that bridges the gap between designers and industry. Our mission is to cultivate a space that fosters opportunity and growth as an inclusive community of designers.

Role: Web Developer

Skills: React, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Responsive Design

Stride 2023

Description: Stride is Design Co's annual design-forward career fair aiming to connect aspiring designers with company representatives.

Designer: Thoa Nguyen, Made Widyadhari, Kate Murakoshi, Luca Pfister

Developers: Aaron Chan, Brian Liu, Tracey Du

Design Frontiers 2023

Description: Design Co’s annual one-day design sprint where collaborative teams of creative, innovative individuals can explore design solutions to real problems.

Designer: Juna Kim

Developers: Aaron Chan, Shawn Kim, Brian Liu, Arth Shukla

BUILD UP: Upgrade 2023

Description: Design Co’s 10-week online summer program where students will get the opportunity to work closely alongside a local, nonprofit organization to amplify and boost their exposure.

Designer: Thoa Nguyen

Developers: Aaron Chan, Leann Gamboa, Brian Liu